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EYES OF THE TIGER - Diary of a Dirty War
In late October 1966 after more than 6 months in Vietnam, an elite group of Australian soldiers were chosen to form the first Reconnaissance Platoon. Made up of National Servicemen and Regular Army volunteers, this specialist platoon would become the eyes and ears of the 5RAR Tiger Battalion.

Operating under extreme conditions and constant pressure the lives of these 30 brave men was irrevocably changed.

Trained by the SAS the role of the recce platoon was to patrol in small isolated groups, gather information on the local community and track the movements of the Viet Cong guerrilla enemy force.

The soldiers who served in Vietnam represented Australia at great personal cost. They were not prepared for the impact this war would have on their lives, but they did their job in the great ANZAC spirit.


Narrator: Marshall Napier
Writer, director, producer: Monica O’Brien
Cinematographer: Brad Smith
Editor: Lindi Harrison
Title design:

Matt Lock

Produced by: Let’s Play Productions PTY LTD